7 Small Business Tactics to Score Clients


You've taken your business idea off the paper to reality. You are now a fledgling start-up with a few employees (and an office space no bigger than a dorm room) or you're a one-man band determined to build something of your own.  But after registering a business name and borrowing initial capital from everyone you know, how exactly do you get clients? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Work for Free.
As a small business, it will all point back to you, the founder. Before clients show up at your front door, you have to assure them that you have the experience and credibility to deliver on your promises. Unfortunately, as someone completely green in the game, you have no wins to back up your claims. So what do you do? Work for free to get experience and credibility.

Pitch like a stock broker.
The Wolf of Wall Street got rich by running a scam, but you have to admit he was a great salesman. The internet has changed the way how consumers purchase products, but people still prefer buying from people. This enthusiasm will not only win people over, it will also boost team morale. The client will evaluate the business through you as a person, so you better be confident and convincing.

Sell to everyone you know. 
If you haven't scored any clients, potential ones have their guards up because you're untested and they simply don't know you. So start by selling to people you know. Every sale and contact is a potential branch for more growth.

Score a big name and make connections.
Networking is great. However, cramming your schedule with events and peddling your business can eat up a huge chunk of your time. You can get a big name on your client list and network at the same time by working with big companies. They can recommend you to other big names. They have plenty of staff who can go on and move to bigger companies and recommend you.

Communication is key.
People will judge you by the way you communicate, even in your email. The simple choice of words can make you look like the village idiot. You have to look, sound, and write the part.

Advertise and market with caution. 
By now, you're probably thinking to yourself, what about marketing? Everyone's online these days. Should I invest on a website? Marketing and advertising are costly initiatives. In truth, they're mostly a shot in the dark. True, analytics can make predictive analysis, but you'll never really know what your customers are thinking. Look at what other Australian small businesses in your industry are doing. Use a marketing strategy that fits your type of business.

Remember your ROI. 
After successfully pulling off all these tips, you finally scored a couple of clients. It's tempting to buy expensive things to celebrate that success. Unfortunately, buying a 3D TV has no return on investment. You're thinking, chill, I deserve this! but does it improve the odds of your business? 

Running a small business is no doubt excruciatingly difficult, but ultimately rewarding because you took the chance to build something of your own.

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