3 Small Business Tips for Digital Transformation

Australian small businesses have always been urged to step up in today's digital era. But this can be hard when you’re faced with tech-savvy customers who demand more than just a loyalty card program. Here are three simple but great tips to direct your digital transformation in the right path.

Think about the end user appeal.
Build a user experience that answers the customers’ needs. Make it compelling enough that they will share it. For example, offer real-time product availability information through an app or email. This will encourage your consumers to visit your store and provide bragging rights for sharing the news first to others.

Understand what motivates your customers to make a purchase decision. Provide options that they can immediately gain from to reduce hesitation. For example, a 30-day trial or initial discount is always reliable in pushing users to try a new tool or service.

Future-proof your business.
The other side of the coin is that technology can change rapidly. You have to consider where your industry or target market is headed before adapting new technology. At the same time, make sure to use insights that you've gained for future reference. For example, use data from lead capturing forms to personalise your email marketing campaign. Use feedback from social media when improving product features.

In summary, don't forget your customer's needs, provide incentives, and think carefully before adopting a new tech trend.

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