How to Turn Your Business into a Micro-multinational

You're a medium-sized business owner who wants to enter the big leagues but don't have the capital for infrastructure and manpower, so what do you do? Here's a 3-step program to help you get started.

Develop global teams.

If you have no offshore outsourcing experience whatsoever, the safest step is to start a small offshore team. You can start with three offshore workers and outsource a business process like online marketing, customer service, or creative design. You'll find out how to pick a service provider, manage an offshore team, and manage an outsourcing relationship.

Move up the outsourcing value chain.

As you get more experience from outsourcing, there will come a point when you'll want to regain ownership. With more than 20 full-time employees on the ground and a couple of expats manning the operations, you already have a sizeable offshoot that you can turn into a global delivery centre.

To make this happen, transition into managed operations. Your managed operations partner will provide support services (such as HR, recruitment, and accounting) and assets (office space, furniture, and computers, etc.) as well as help you manage your offshore team. This way, you don't need to make large one-time investments like spending more money on office space, which you may not need in the next 10 years.

Global Expansion

Through your new offshore deliver centre, you can now re-invest cost savings into improving core processes and sales and marketing. You can now increase new clients and engage new ones, just like when you're running your homebase. The result: global expansion that still comes with outsourcing benefits and totally under your control.

If you already have enough outsourcing experience in the Philippines, you can already transition into managed operations. Not only will you be able to expand, you can also take advantage of an emerging economy. You don't need to wait until the Australian government makes progress with China - you can chart your own path.

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