4 Ways on How Offshore Outsourcing can be the Best “Mistake” You'll Make

While outsourcing in the public sector is met with complaints by the Union, it is increasingly adopted by businesses in Australia. It's now more important than ever to find the best available resource - whether it’s process or manpower - to compete in the global playing field.

Here are four ways on how offshore outsourcing can be the best mistake you'll make as a business owner.


The offshore outsourcing industry is now on its fourth evolution called “process re-engineering”.  Buyers are not only hiring offshore staff for labour arbitrage. Whether you’re focused on the result (value-added BPO services), process (as-a-service models), provider (multi-sourcing), or business model (managed operations), the outsourcing industry has more to offer other than the typical lift-and-shift model. 

Build global teams.

Offshore staffing enables you to save 60-70 per cent of staffing costs and still get the same quality of work. You can hire an offshore SEO specialist for 1500 Aussie dollars a month and get the desired outcomes through KPIs and service level agreements. When treated as a global team, your offshore staff can augment the efforts of your onshore team.

Build a new business entity at half the cost and effort.

After achieving success in outsourcing with around 200 FTEs, what's next? A managed operations provider can take care of all the assets you need - infrastructure, staff, and support services. Your offshore staff, along with a group of expats who already have considerable experience in managing your offshore operations, can now be transitioned into a new business entity that is all yours. You can retain ownership, improve core processes you couldn't outsource before, and retain knowledge.

Reduce risks.

When the US gets sick, the rest of the world catches a cold. When a small business wants to compete in the international scale, it can outsource logistics to compete with multinational corporations. This is the global reality that businesses can't ignore.

Offshore outsourcing reduces the risk of getting exposed to the dangers of one market, as well as opens your business to new ones. After Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA, it's clear that cyber attackers are not the only intruders companies should watch out for. You can move your data away from home and the prying eyes of authorities. 

With some imagination, plenty of planning, and meticulous execution, there are plenty of ways to leverage outsourcing for your business.

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