5 Ways to Leverage Mobility for your Small Business

SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics, Cloud) has been mentioned in various predictions since 2010. True enough, social media continues to increase its power over people, analytics are now accessible to businesses no matter the size, and the Cloud has developed past its experimental stage. What happened to mobile?

Everybody hates mobile advertising and people are hesitant in sharing information through apps. Adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) varies - IDC expects it to be replaced by CYOD (choose your own device) in Asia. It’s more popular in the US than in Europe. The emergence of different gadgets is a compatibility nightmare for developers.

On the bright side, more people are using their mobile phones to go online. Here are five ways that you can leverage mobility for your small business:

Hire the right people.
This is common sense, but leaving employees to their own devices (literally) comes with a set of risk. Usage costs could easily stack up, critical company data becomes vulnerable, and BYOD could compromise productivity. The workflow process is also greatly affected by the technology you use. You need to hire reliable, self-motivated people who can work flexibly and remotely.

Foolproof your mobile workforce.
As a small business, customising apps is heavy for your IT budget. Off-the-shelf services serve as a good alternative, but running on different technology could be a troubleshooting nightmare. You need to train staff about your processes, procedures, and protocols. Create a document repository in Dropbox for reference. 

Listen to social media.
Desktop search has been declining. It's a no-brainer that people use their mobile devices for social media more often than having to switch on their laptops. Make sure that your website and social media accounts are mobile-ready and compatible.

Move to the Cloud.
Mobile-ready applications, when partnered with the Cloud, can create miracles for the small business. Well, it won't exactly make you an IPO-ready corporation overnight, but it does provide significant advantages.

Cloud-based mobile-compatible software enables a flexible workplace. The sales team could go on the road meeting potential, new, and current customers. In-store staff can serve customers wherever they are. Distributed teams across the globe can work together.

Businesses can also streamline their day-today operations. Cloud-based software can serve an internal IT team, client base, and suppliers from different locations and time zones.

Mobilise your employees.
Enable a mobile workflow. Once you hire the right people, you don't have to worry about employees playing Angry Birds all day at work.

Your staff can access whatever they need from any device. They can react quickly to changes and stay on top of industry movements by sharing information. By allowing them to choose their device, you don't have to invest in expensive legacy systems that depreciate overtime.

Mobility comes with a unique set of challenges, but it can also be an indispensable tool for small businesses. By having a solid mobile set-up, you punch above your weight class and compete in a bigger market.

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